Selling an Empty Home: The Pros and Cons

Selling an Empty Home: The Pros and Cons

Have you already moved into your new house but your old one is still on the resale market? This situation, although frequent, does require a particular attention.

Indeed, there are several points you must consider if your residence remains vacant throughout its sale process.


1.   A Flexible Possession Date

If you have already relocated to your new property, you will be very flexible when it comes to setting the possession date. This may appeal to many buyers.

2.   Easy to Prepare Viewings

There is no longer any need to pack up the family and pets every time someone wants to visit the house. Additionally, empty rooms are quicker and simpler to clean.

3.   A Blank Canvas for Buyers

Some visitors, when faced with a bare space, will be incapable of seeing themselves living there (see the disadvantages section). However, many others may view this as a plus. In fact, potential buyers may prefer a vacant residence, without personality, as this allows them to better visualize the way they might like to arrange their own furniture and belongings in each room.



1.   Difficulty Convincing Buyers That This Can Be their New Home

Certain buyers can’t imagine themselves living in a residence if it’s vacant. Indeed, not every visitor has the ability to determine the intended use of each room without the presence of furniture.

2.   A Spotlight on All the Imperfections

When walls are bare of art and rooms are unoccupied, every little defect stands out. Chipped paint, a small dent on the door frame or holes left by removed shelves can give buyers the impression that the house needs more TLC than expected. It may even appear to have been neglected or poorly maintained. 

3.   A More Vulnerable Property

Vacant houses may become an easy target for vandals, thieves, and intruders. This is why insuring an empty residence is more expensive than an occupied one.

4.   Smaller Looking Rooms

Rooms in properties that are free of furniture and decorative accessories will appear smaller than they truly are. It’s all in the eye of the beholder!

To mitigate these drawbacks, try these tips:

  • Take photos before removing all the furniture. By doing so you will make certain your property is visually appealing as well as help buyers imagine themselves in your home, all while not tipping off burglars that you home is vacant by posting pictures of bare rooms online.
  • Continue paying the power bill; you will ensure visitors are comfortable by keeping the heating and air condition on.
  • Continue maintaining the yard: mow the lawn, rake leaves, etc.
  • Leave the ceiling fans running: circulating air is preferable to artificial air fresheners.
  • Ask your neighbours to collect the mail for you—or pick it up yourself regularly.
  • Place security system stickers at the entry points (if you don’t have a functioning alarm system).
  • Clean the inside frequently: if the residence remains on the market for several weeks, take advantage of weekly visits to dust and wash the floors (do so at least once a month).
  • If necessary, rent pieces of furniture to help visitors visualize how they might use the space and see the rooms’ potential.
  • Leaves art and other wall decorations in place.


By keeping in mind all these details when preparing your empty home, you are sure secure a speedy sale! 

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