How to Create a Minimalist Home Decor

How to Create a Minimalist Home Decor

Are you entranced by minimalist interiors? An effortlessly neat and clean space, a calm ambiance and the elimination of visual chaos are the hallmarks of this decor style that is sure to please.

But achieving this look requires more than just purging! Here are our tips to avoid creating a cold or spartan room. 

What Is Minimalist Decor?

But first, here’s what you need to know about this design style. The key is simplicity: minimalist decor does not deal in fluff and frills.

Which is why this aesthetic is so popular for modern homes; but don’t worry if you prefer traditional, beachy, farmhouse or Scandinavian interiors. Minimalist decor principles can be adapted to suit any taste. The important thing to remember when creating a sleek and unfussy space is to limit yourself to the essentials.


Tip #1: Focus on Closed Storage

In a minimalist room, there is a place for everything, and must be everything in its place, ideally hidden from view. This means that you should opt for closed storage whenever you can. For example:

  • The TV cabinet must conceal all the equipment (especially the wires).
  • The kitchen cabinets have an opaque and uniform finish.
  • Regarding the entryway, a hallway wardrobe is preferable over hooks on the wall or a coat rack. If there is no room for a wardrobe in your residence, keep the entryway as uncluttered as possible: only one pair of shoes and coat per occupant. The rest is to be stashed elsewhere in the house.
  • If you do have open storage, such as shelves or a bookcase, limit what you display there to the bare minimum.

Tip #2: Restrict Your Palette

A minimalist decor isn’t weighed down by a kaleidoscope of colours; however, this doesn’t mean you should only restrict yourself to neutral tones! It’s more about picking a limited palette. Nevertheless, the main colour should be a neutral shade, such as white, beige, or grey. The best colours for a minimalist interior are those found in nature, like greens and blues. Which is great news since greens and blues are trendy for 2022, especially in a mat finish.


Tip # 3: Make It Cozy

A common misconception regarding minimalist interiors is that they lack warmth. On the contrary! You can cozy the space up by playing with textures. Don’t hesitate to cover a wall or ceiling in wood planks, layer a boho-patterned rug over a jute carpet, or include more luxurious textiles like leather cushions or feather-trimmed curtains.

The trick is to reduce the visual clutter, so stick to a single shade for a wall and its window dressings or a single palette for the couch and its cushions.

Tip #4: Maintain Your Minimalist Decor

Of course, a home can’t always be spotless—it’s normal for it to look lived in. The objective is to make housework as simple as possible. Be constantly mindful of how to best use the space. If objects are collecting dust, they don’t have a place in your decor. Make a habit of tidying and cleaning when you finish a task or at the end of the day. With less stuff, such chores can be completed in no time at all. Take care what you bring into your home so that belongings don’t pile up.


Indeed, minimalist design goes hand in hand with a more grounded and simpler lifestyle in all spheres. Exponents typically prefer to steer clear of heavy, busy spaces without, however, living in an impersonal environment.

We hope we’ve inspired you!

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