5 Myths About Heritage Properties

5 Myths About Heritage Properties

Century-old homes are full of charm. It’s no wonder enthusiasts are so passionate about them!

And yet many people are afraid to take the jump and acquire one. This is unfortunate as some of these concerns are unfounded. Is this the case for you? Read on to get the facts.  

1.   It’s Best to Tear It Down and Build New

Some people believe that it is best to demolish old homes, but the truth is that restoration work is much less expensive than razing your property and rebuilding a whole new residence. The stone, brick, wood and metal roof sheeting that make up ancestral houses are very durable. In fact, there are quite a few heritage properties that still have all their original components. Regarding this, the only maintenance that must be carried out on stone or brick walls is having the mortar joints repointed, every 75 to 100 years.


2. The Windows of Old Homes Must Be Replaced

One might mistakenly think the windows used in previous decades, or centuries, are not efficient. On the contrary, if they are in good condition and equipped with storm windows, they can offer outstanding thermal performance. Indeed, while the windows currently on the market need to be replaced after ten or twenty years, those in ancestral homes are so sturdy that they continue to be functional after 150 years. Have your new ancestral residence inspected by an expert to ensure it is watertight and energy efficient.


3. Cement and Asbestos Cladding Render Such Properties Uninhabitable

While it is true that asbestos is hazardous to people’s health, there is no reason to be concerned when it comes to exterior cement siding tiles made with asbestos. They are not dangerous and will not contaminate the air inside the old house. However, be sure you wear the appropriate protective mask when handling asbestos-containing materials and don’t break them into pieces so as not to release harmful particles.

4. All Crooked Floors Must Absolutely Be Replaced

Redoing all your home’s floors is certainly not always essential! It is perfectly possible to live comfortably in a residence with slightly uneven flooring. Nevertheless, you may eventually choose to have the floors jacked up slowly overtime, which is a far more affordable option that completely rebuilding them.


5. Abandoned Buildings Must Be Demolished

With their quality wooden and stone structure, century-old homes are well protected against water damage. Indeed, the number one determining factor is that the roof be leak-free. If this is the case, a residence that has been abandoned for more than a decade can easily find new owners. There is no point in pulling down these buildings at the slightest sign of deterioration!


All history lovers believe ancestral properties to be of inestimable value. As you have seen, there are many good reasons for acquiring such a residence and dedicating oneself to preserving its character. Regular paint, mortar joint and roof inspections and maintenance are the only things really required to avoid problems. To find out more about heritage homes, contact a RE/MAX real estate broker.

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